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Dendrite Announces Breakthrough Development Environment for Mobile Applications

Dendrite International, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRTE), a leadingprovider of pharmaceutical industry solutions, today announced abreakthrough, flexible sales and marketing application environment formobile devices. This environment, called Project Mobility, is designedto address the increased need for portability, convenience andpersonalization afforded by the latest mobile devices with smart phonetechnology. Dendrite's mobile environment will be used to developapplications designed to increase communication between every criticalmember in the pharmaceutical chain, from home office to salesrepresentatives, as well as from prescriber to patients.

With Dendrite's new application environment, companies will havethe same level of transparency as with today's sales forceeffectiveness (SFE) applications, and will also benefit from thefreedom of a lightweight device, geo-centricity and real timecommunication between home office and sales representative.Longer-term, this breakthrough application environment will enable thenext generation of direct to patient health management marketingprograms.

While Dendrite's first mobile application, jForceWireless(TM), waslaunched in the second quarter of 2006 for China and other emergingmarkets, the next applications will target the United States domesticmarket. They will later be introduced in Europe and Australia.Dendrite will develop all future applications residing in thisenvironment using Microsoft's Mobile PC platform. All of theapplications developed on this platform will be device-agnostic usingsmart phone technology.

"This environment is designed to enable a broader range of lifesciences companies to benefit from Dendrite's robust solutions anddeep domain knowledge," said John Bailye, Dendrite's chairman andchief executive officer. "Smaller pharmaceutical or medical devicecompanies that previously couldn't afford Dendrite's solutions nowcan; larger companies will have the opportunity to augment theirexisting Dendrite architecture as companion products; and allcompanies that need to tackle the common prescriber to patientcommunication issues will have the means by which to open a dialog."

The next application from this environment, an SFE solution forsmall to medium sized pharmaceutical and medical device companies, iscurrently being developed with feedback from certain prospectivecustomers. Dendrite currently anticipates roll-out in the fourthquarter of 2006. Following this initial application, the companyexpects to release several additional solutions in 2007 and beyond.These solutions will be designed to work together to address issuesincluding patient adherence and physician marketing, among others.

About Dendrite

Founded in 1986, Dendrite International (NASDAQ: DRTE) enablessales, marketing, clinical and compliance solutions for the globalpharmaceutical industry. The Company's clients are located in morethan 50 countries and include the world's top 20 pharmaceuticalcompanies. For more information, please visit www.dendrite.com.

Note: Dendrite is a registered trademark of DendriteInternational, Inc.

This document may contain forward-looking statements that may beidentified by such forward-looking terminology as "expect," "believe,""anticipate," "will," "intend," "plan," "target," "outlook,""guidance," and similar statements or variations. Such forward-lookingstatements are based on our current expectations, estimates,assumptions and projections and involve significant risks anduncertainties, including risks which may result from our dependence onthe pharmaceutical industry; fluctuations in quarterly revenues due tolengthy sales and implementation cycles for certain of our solutions;our fixed expenses in relation to fluctuating revenues and variationsin customers' budget cycles; dependence on certain major customers;changes in demand for our products and services attributable to anyweakness experienced in the economy or mergers, acquisitions andconsolidations in the pharmaceutical industry; successful and timelydevelopment and introduction of new products and versions; rapidtechnological changes; increased competition; internationaloperations; integrating the entities we acquire; our ability toeffectively manage our growth; the protection of our proprietarytechnology; our ability to compete in the Internet-related productsand services market; the continued demand for Internet-relatedproducts and services; the ability of our third party vendors torespond to technological change; our ability to maintain ourrelationships with third-party vendors; less favorable thananticipated results from strategic relationships; dependence of datasolutions on strategic relationships; events which may affect the U.S.and world economies; and catastrophic events which could negativelyaffect our information technology infrastructure. Other importantfactors that should be reviewed and carefully considered are includedin the company's 10-K, 10-Qs, and other reports filed with the SEC.Actual results may differ materially. The company assumes noobligation for updating any such forward-looking statements to reflectactual results, changes in assumptions or other changes affecting suchforward-looking statements.

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