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Cypress Software Unveils BizMark Mobile Module for Its Small Business Loan Automation Platform

Offline Application Entry Tool Lets Loan Officers Create, Edit Loan Applications in the Field

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas --Cypress Software Systems LP today launched BizMark Mobile, an offline application entry module for the company's BizMark small business loan automation platform. The mobile software tool allows loan officers to create and edit applications while in the field and away from the primary BizMark system.

"With BizMark Mobile, any bank, credit union or other financial institution that uses our BizMark product can remotely capture application entry data offline, and later re-sync that information with the main database server," said Stephen G. Sargent, president and chief executive officer of Cypress Software Systems. "The module brings flexibility and agility to an institution's small business lending operations, while providing increased customer convenience and satisfaction."

Before leaving their office, BizMark Mobile users download existing applications from the BizMark database to a laptop running the offline application entry tool. In the field, the user revises and inputs customer information as needed. When the loan officer returns to the branch, the updated application(s) are uploaded to the BizMark system for further review and underwriting.

BizMark processes small business loan applications, and is based on a Cypress-delivered .NET/Microsoft SQL Server platform. It runs in a customer relationship management (CRM) environment, enabling lenders to take credit requests including principal and financial statement data; retrieve and interpret consumer and business credit reports; perform ratio analysis; and score the results.

The software handles small business commercial credit requests for lines of credit, term loans, commercial mortgages, corporate leases and corporate credit cards.

About Cypress Software Systems

Headquartered in North Richland Hills, Texas, USA, Cypress Software Systems, LP is a leading developer of automated credit application decision support technology. Cypress provides community and regional banks, finance companies and credit unions with loan application decision and tracking tools equivalent to those used by the largest national lending institutions. Clients, nationwide and in 16 countries, use the company's flagship products, Mark IV and BizMark, to quickly and consistently process consumer and small commercial loan applications. Cypress Mark IV offers a flexible, risk-based processing approach that includes tracking consumer loan applications from point of entry to point of decision. Cypress' BizMark loan automation software processes commercial loan requests within a customer relationship management environment. Both products may be licensed in the bundled Cypress Suite and are offered in either an application service provider (ASP) or traditional business model. The company's product line also includes AppMark, an ASP-only consumer lending solution for community banks with assets of $200 million or less. Web Site: www.go-cypress.com.


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Neil McGlone, 214-521-8596

Jeff Green, 214-521-8596
________________________________________ Source: Cypress Software Systems

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