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Coverall Cleaning Concepts Goes Mobile to Speed Customer Service

Partnership with mFoundry Shortens Response Time, Cuts Costs and Improves Service

BOCA RATON, Fla.-- Coverall Cleaning Concepts, one of the largest commercial janitorial franchise companies in the nation with more than 9,000 Franchise Owners, has partnered with mobile application provider mFoundry (Sausalito, Calif.) to develop a mobile solution to speed and improve customer service. The solution enables Coverall Cleaning Concepts personnel to gather and transmit customer comments, requests and concerns to mobile devices, eliminating the time lag associated with completing and processing paper forms.

Coverall Cleaning Concepts previously used a paper-based system in which field consultants filled out forms and faxed or hand-delivered them to their Regional Support Centers, where the contents were keyed in by support staffers. This strategy resulted in information delays that made it difficult for Coverall?s Franchise Owners to respond to customer concerns in a timely manner.

The new solution speeds the process by moving inspection forms and data entry to a mobile device. The application contains all of the standard inspection fields, allowing inspectors to input information in real time and simply press ?Send.? Information collected on the mobile units is immediately routed to customer service managers and ultimately to Coverall?s Franchise Owners so they can speedily react to customer requests.

All 100-plus Coverall Cleaning Concepts field consultants are now using the system, and over 90% of the company?s quality surveys are now conducted and captured electronically. The new system is increasing customer satisfaction, saving one hour per day for each customer service representative, and has eliminated the cost of producing the three-part paper forms ? all providing significant savings.

Building on that success, Coverall Cleaning Concepts is now developing programs to expand the use of mobile technology to other facets of its business, including sales.

?Our focus has always been on quality, and on achieving excellence in applying technology to our business,? said Ted Elliott, Coverall?s President and Chief Executive Officer. ?We began by looking for new ways to be more responsive to the needs of our customers. After testing other methods, we have found this application not only improves the ability of our Franchise Owners to react to customers? needs, but has improved our productivity over all. The result has been significant cost reductions and improvement in our already high level of customer service.?

?This has made a significant difference in how we do business,? said Laura Bach, Coverall Cleaning Concepts? Regional Director for the Chicago area. ?Before, it might have been hours before our field consultants and I received and responded to each other?s messages, and additional hours for them to report to our Franchise Owners issues concerning customers. Now, it?s all done in a matter of minutes. Even the ?non-techies? agree it makes us more efficient and responsive.?

Richard McDougal, Operations Manager in Coverall Cleaning Concepts? Philadelphia Support Center, added that under the new system, ?Reports and follow-ups are better, and our collective ability to respond to customers? issues is excellent ? and our customers can see it. With more than 1,350 accounts in the Philadelphia Support Center, the elimination of paperwork alone has resulted in a tremendous amount of time saved.?

About Coverall Cleaning Concepts

Coverall Cleaning Concepts is one of the world?s leading commercial cleaning franchising companies, servicing over 40,000 customers in over 90 metropolitan cities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Coverall?s extraordinary growth is the result of its outstanding network of Regional Support Centers and Franchise Owners, all of whom are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Through its Franchise Owners the company services small and large office buildings, industrial complexes, medical facilities, banks, department stores, and corporate headquarters. All Coverall Franchise Owners meet U.S. standards for minimizing risk of disease transmission through proper cleaning techniques. For more information, please visit www.coverall.com.

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