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Console Games Safe From Mobile?THQ

James Scalpello, THQ Wireless?s marketing director, has come out saying that even bad mobile versions of console games won?t hurt the original brand because consumers are ?not stupid, they know it?s pretty much a different product?, in an interview in He also believes there?s little chance that the mobile gaming market will overtake the console market, despite its greater size?there is a strong demand for the high-level gameplay provided by console. In many countries that?s true, but in many others the majority of people simply can?t afford a console...anyway, apparently THQ sees mobile gaming more as a marketing exercise than a rival to its console business. ?You?ll see that happening very much next year with the new titles we?ve got from Pixar. You?ll see a really integrated, synergised campaign across console and mobile. It?s all about these big marketing events.?

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