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Clusty Search Engine Goes Mobile

Clusty Mobile Features Enhanced Navigational Capabilities for "On the Go" Web Searches

PITTSBURGH --Vivisimo (vivisimo.com), a leading provider of enterprise search software and expertise, today announced that its popular Web search site, Clusty.com, has been optimized for mobile devices. Coming on the heels of Vivisimo's recent announcement of Velocity for Mobile enterprise search application, Clusty Mobile (http://m.clusty.com) simplifies mobile Web searching with increased navigational capabilities and featured sources of the most common searches performed by mobile users.

As overall mobile Web usage continues to grow, users are demanding search functionality and display interfaces that allow easy access to information while on-the-go. Clusty's search technology is a perfect fit for any mobile device, organizing search results by relevant topics and categories rather than pages and pages of search results which are unwieldy for mobile devices. Additionally, Clusty Mobile optimizes all Websites clicked on for mobile viewing, automatically turning cumbersome Web pages into streamlined text versions that are easy to read on the small screen.

"Nobody wants to wade through thousands of links to access Web information via their mobile devices," said Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO, Vivisimo. "We've combined the reliability of Clusty's search capabilities with navigation appropriate for mobile users and given them the ability to find exactly what they're looking for right at their fingertips."

Typing and retyping search terms and phrases is often the greatest pain point for mobile searchers because the speed and accuracy of typing on mobile devices is limited by the small keyboard. To alleviate this pain, Clusty Mobile offers a new navigational interface that includes a list of topics, or clusters, at the top of the search results page that are related to the user's search query. Users are also aided by spelling suggestions for mistyped or misspelled queries. At the bottom of the search results page, Clusty Mobile suggests related queries to help users narrow their result set.

Clusty Mobile's unique navigational tools help users limit the number of words typed into the search box, instead giving them a method to easily scroll and click their way to information via topics or featured sources. Featured content targeted at mobile search queries will be called-out above the search results from specific sources, such as weather listings, stock quotes, Wikipedia entries and Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Clusty Mobile connects users to common and popular mobile Web content aggregators for news, maps, images and more.

About Clusty

Clusty is the popular, full-service search site powered by Vivisimo's award-winning clustering technology. Instead of simply presenting long lists of results, Clusty groups search results into folder topics, giving users a quick overview of the main themes in the results and letting them focus on topics of interest. Built in response to the popularity of a demo search box on Vivisimo's corporate Website, Clusty takes search to a new level, with dedicated search tools for the most popular search activities and the first-ever customized search tab. Clusty comes in multiple flavors, including the new Wii and Mobile versions.

About Vivisimo, Inc.

Vivisimo does search right by combining the simplicity and innovation of consumer search with the flexibility and control of enterprise software. The company works with customers to understand their goals and quickly deploy solutions that maximize the business value of information -- with an interface users love. Vivisimo serves its global client base through headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, and Paris, France, and partners throughout the world. Please visit Vivisimo.com to learn more.

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