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Clickatell Chief Returns to SA to Grow Local Operations

Cape Town, South Africa, 14 May 2007 -- Clickatell, the world?s #1 global mobile messaging company, has appointed Deon van Heerden, its former UK country manager, as the company?s new South African country manager and vice president of sales for the Middle East and Africa.

Van Heerden will enjoy the support of a 70 person strong local team, which includes Patrick Lawson who returns to his role as chief technology officer from his previous dual role as country head and CTO.

?Deon successfully launched Clickatell?s UK sales office and achieved a foothold in the very mature European market in just 18 months. This included securing some of the largest banks and broadcasting companies in Europe as well as the NHS and European Union as clients,? says Pieter de Villiers, chief executive of Clickatell.

?This successful track record combined with his business consulting and transformation experience make him the ideal candidate for the South African position,? says de Villiers.

Van Heerden will be responsible for the day-to-day operations in Clickatell?s Cape Town office. The operational heart of the company, Clickatell?s local office houses the sales, finance, marketing and administration teams supporting the company?s growing worldwide operations. In addition, it acts as the company?s innovation hub, housing the technical team of software engineers and product managers that keep Clickatell at the forefront of messaging delivery.

Van Heerden will also look after sales in South Africa, the Middle East and Africa, building on the success this team has already achieved with sales to some of South Africa?s largest banks and financial services institutions, such as Santam and First National Bank.

?The South African and Southern African market is very mature in terms of messaging, specifically text messaging, with initiatives in this market typically laying the groundwork for Clickatell?s offerings in other territories. Our aim is to use our traction in Southern Africa as a springboard into the Middle East and African regions, making it a cornerstone of the company?s global growth strategy,? Van Heerden concludes.

Van Heerden is an accomplished management consultant and successful entrepreneur with 12 years experience in a wide variety of large-scale strategic business transformation consulting programmes, general management and operations. Previously, Van Heerden held the position of senior manager with Accenture and The Berkeley Partnership. He also founded a successful private healthcare company in the UK.

About Clickatell

Clickatell is the premier global mobile messaging operator with over 8,000 customers across 600 networks spanning almost 200 countries. Clickatell?s messaging gateways connect directly and securely with the infrastructure of carriers worldwide. This enables Clickatell to guarantee delivery and receipt of massive quantities of inbound and outbound messages in real-time to any device, i.e. cell phone, smart phone, landline, fax, pager, PC or any IP-connected device. Clickatell?s enterprise-grade Multimode Messaging Manager is built on open architecture and standards allowing today's devices to connect transparently across multiple channels. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, the company has offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa. For more information please visit

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