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China.com Strengthens Online Offerings With Signing Of Content Deal With BDL Media

China.com, the leading Internet portal for Chinese professionals, and a subsidiary of CDC Corporation (CHINA), is seizing opportunities in the burgeoning inbound travel and English-speaking populations around China with the signing of a content acquisition deal with China-based BDL Media Ltd.

Fang Donglei, COO of China.com, says, "China.com has an excellent wireless media platform, and millions of Internet users, and BDL Media owns both a large group of users and wide array of online and offline content offerings. I believe that our combined users from all over the world will benefit from this relationship"

The cooperation between BDL Media and China.com will combine BDL Media's Xianzai.com and ChinaPulse.com online services with China.com's offerings. According to the agreement, BDL Media will provide the following digital email newsletter magazines to China.com: 'Emergency Chinese', 'Chinese Recipes', 'China Trivia', 'Chinese Idioms', 'Xianzai Beijing', 'Xianzai Shanghai', 'Xianzai Dalian', 'Xianzai Guangdong'. 'BRC Beijing', and ' BRC Shanghai'.

As China's leading provider of MVAS and Internet entertainment and Internet services, China.com has been always focused on the Chinese market and is one of China's Internet innovators. BDL Media, a foreign-owned digital marketing and media corporation operating in China since in 1997, has branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Dalian.

The combination of the high-quality media platform and abundant content of BDL Media will aid netizens by providing them a wider array of services. Meanwhile, it will provide advertisers an exclusive and top-notch platform on which to promote themselves. In the future, both sides will integrate the mobile platform from ChinaPulse.com and boost the large Xianzai.com database service for better servicing the clients and users of China.com.

Danny Levinson, Managing Partner with BDL Media Ltd in Hong Kong, says, "Our highly targeted print and digital magazines, websites, marketing databases, and content have provided the best way for people to learn about China since 1997. By having the added exposure of China.com's millions of users, I know we can work with them to leverage our services to more people."

With the continued development of the Chinese economy, more foreigners have begun to do business in China. According to the forecast from the China National Tourism Bureau, there will be 130 million tourists coming to visit China this year, increasing 8% on an annual basis. In the face of this increasing market, the combination of China.com and BDL media will provide an excellent network platform for both content and marketing channels.

In the future, the companies will work on using many of BDL Media's wireless content offerings and integrate those to offer to China.com's users. BDL Media is one of China's earliest mobile service adopters with the first Avantgo mobile website for China launched in May 2000 and the first multiplayer wireless WAP game launched in November 2000.

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