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China GrenTech Wins 2008 Beijing Olympics Stadiums bid

China GrenTech Corporation Limited (Nasdaq: GRRF; '' the Company''), a leading developer of radio frequency (''RF'') technologies, a leading provider of wireless coverage products and services and a base station RF products provider in China, today announced that it has won a bid to build indoor wireless coverage systems at the Olympic Games stadiums in Beijing, starting construction in the fourth quarter of 2006. China GrenTech will provide turnkey solutions, including equipment and related services, for the indoor coverage systems supporting GSM and next generation (''3G'') mobile networks at the stadiums. GrenTech believes that it will secure a very substantial share of this important project.

''As the sole provider of mobile communication services at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, China Mobile will offer exclusive digital cellular and next-generation mobile communication services at the stadiums,'' said Mr. Wang, head of the procurement division at Beijing Mobile Communication Limited (''China Mobile''), who was responsible for the bidding process. ''There are altogether over 40 stadiums with different architecture styles. The complex structure of the stadiums will require sophistication in the design and construction of the networks coverage, and therefore the supplier selection process was a critical phase of the project. Extensive experience in organizing and executing large-scale construction projects and service team expertise were crucial requirements in selecting suppliers, in addition to first-class equipment performance and sophisticated design skills. Furthermore, as the Olympic stadiums will offer 3G coverage, the ability of selected manufacturers to develop and manufacture 3G products was a key concern.''

As a leading provider of wireless coverage products and services in China, GrenTech offers customer-tailored wireless coverage solutions to its clients. At the beginning of 2006, GrenTech began discussing indoor coverage solutions for the Olympic stadiums in Beijing with China Mobile. Considering the specific architectural characteristics of each stadium, GrenTech has developed low-power fiber optic repeaters and 3G wireless coverage equipment suitable for long-span structures. GrenTech has long established a solid collaborative relationship with China Mobile. Since 2001, GrenTech has completed over 6,000 wireless coverage projects for China Mobile, a major client of GrenTech accounting for 33.8% of GrenTech's total turnover in 2005. Although construction for the project will begin in the fourth quarter of 2006, the company is unlikely to recognize a significant amount of revenue in 2006.

''Providing indoor wireless coverage solutions at the 2008 Beijing Olympics stadiums is a momentous project with historic significance. Being selected as the partner of China Mobile for the Olympics telecommunication network construction project is a testament to China Mobile's confidence in our R&D capabilities and project management skills in wireless coverage products,'' said Mr. Yingjie Gao, President and CEO of China GrenTech. ''This successful bid not only provides a significant business opportunity for GrenTech, but will also enhance its brand and status in the industry, laying the ground for future cooperation on 3G coverage projects.''

About China GrenTech

GrenTech is a leading developer of RF technology in China and a leading provider of wireless coverage products and services to telecommunication operators in China and overseas. The Company uses RF technology to design and manufacture wireless coverage products, which enable telecommunication operators to expand the reach of their wireless communication networks to indoor area and outdoor areas, such as buildings, highways, railways, tunnels and remote regions. GrenTech's wireless coverage services include design, development, and installation and project warranty services. The Company also tailors the design and configuration of its wireless coverage products to the specific requirements of its customers.

Based on its in-house RF technology platform, the company also develops and produces base station RF parts and components sold to base station manufacturers. China GrenTech is a qualified supplier of RF parts and components to five major base station manufacturers such as Huawei Technologies, ZTE etc. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.GrenTech.com.cn .

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