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Causerie Unified Instant Messaging Application Available for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Phones

MantraGroup Inc., a leading vendor of mobile software solutions, has announced the availability of Causerie Messenger, a mobile instant messaging solution, for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC 2003 Devices.

Madison, WI (PRWeb) March 21, 2007 -- MantraGroup Inc., a leading vendor of mobile software solutions, has announced the availability of Causerie Messenger, a mobile instant messaging solution, for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC 2003 Devices.

Instant Messaging (IM) is one of the fastest growing segments of the Internet and is becoming a popular communication choice embraced by millions of people around the world to communicate with their family, friends and business associates in an easy and powerful manner.

Causerie Messenger provides a single point access to view all contacts (buddies) on your mobile phone and even chat with them irrespective of the network they belong to. With rich and powerful UI, Causerie allows access to most of the handy features in a single tap or two. Some of the features include IM services to popular networks (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Jabber, ICQ, IRC, Google Talk, Sametime and LCS 2003), Presence & Status settings, Easy Buddy lists (Add/Delete buddies) maintenance, Color support, Animated Emoticons, Background mode and Quick Text. Causerie also pushes email for IMAP based servers similar to Blackberry Devices.

"With more than hundred thousand customers, Causerie Messenger is the leading vendor of Mobile Instant Messaging Solution on Palm, Blackberry, Sony, Java and Symbian Devices. Providing Causerie on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Devices was the given thing for us as it ensures that our customers enjoy the proven productivity of the Causerie Unified Messenger" said Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of MantraGroup Inc. "With this release, our success marks another significant milestone in Mantra's progress", he adds.

Causerie for Consumers (CC)

CC is available in 2 editions - Standard and Premier. The Premier edition allows access to powerful buddy agents (bots) which retrieve real time information like stock, weather, news, currency, California traffic, Gmail unread emails, Amazon searches, AI Chat Bot, eBay, dictionary, Fedex tracking etc. Additionally, it also facilitates multiple account logins to all popular IM networks. The Standard and Premier editions are available for purchase from MantraGroup for US $19.95 and $29.95 on a subscription basis for one year.

Causerie for Enterprise (CE)

CE is the ideal business productivity tool for corporations because it is cost effective, secure, scalable, cross-platform (communicates with Sametime, LCS 2003/2005, Jabber, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and any configurable corporate IM services) and requires little IT support. Causerie offers huge benefits including improved employee communication and productivity with a variety of additional functions and personalization features, all the while reinforcing the network security standards. Causerie is a secure, reliable instant messaging system that fits the needs of businesses of all sizes. The core technology has the versatility to serve all businesses, from small companies to large corporations with workers dispersed throughout the globe. CE includes all the CC features along with Data encryption (AES / Blowfish), Message Archive support with precise timestamps and is firewall friendly.

Key Features:

- Login access to messengers like Yahoo/MSN/AOL/Jabber/ICQ/Google Talk/Sametime/LCS 2003/2005
- Readily available roBots to get important information in a single tap (stocks, weather, traffic status, quotes, news, eBay, Google and many more)
- Simultaneous login to six different messenger accounts and two accounts of the same IM Gateway
- User friendly yet simple view of buddy list (Tree View)
- Ability to run the Causerie messenger in background while using other applications
- Pre-defined message support: quick text messages
- Support for emoticons
- Mail notifications/customizable alerts
- Auto updates of Causerie


To download (fully functional 14-day trial version) or purchase Causerie, please visit http://causerie.mantragroup.com .

About the company:

MantraGroup (http://www.mantragroup.com) is a solutions and services company focusing on the development of software for the wireless PDAs and cutting edge smartphones.

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