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Casual Gamers and Female Gamers to Drive Mobile Games Revenues Over the $10bn Mark by 2009

Gameloft?, the leading developer and publisher of mobile games, successfully previewed Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). With a previous working title of Jewel Jam, the company decided on a final title to better reflect the fresh, dynamic and sexy appeal of the heiress extraordinaire. Paris Hilton herself unveiled the new title during her appearance at Gameloft's E3 booth.

"It's a common practice at E3 to present games with working titles," said Gonzague de Vallois, Vice-President of Publishing at Gameloft. "We had the opportunity to have Paris Hilton herself reveal the final game title at our E3 booth and we jumped at the chance. We are very excited to launch one of the most anticipated games of the year."

Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest is the first official mobile game featuring the dazzling socialite. The objective, in this simple yet addictive gameplay, is to solve exciting, frantic puzzles based on an easy concept: switch around stunning diamonds in a grid to line up identical gems and - depending on the challenge or mode - beat the high score in a given time. With more than sixty levels and six different modes - including the fun and original "Diamonds are Forever," "Fortune Telling," and "Forget Me Not" -Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest will keep players of all kinds glued to their mobile phones for hours at a time. As an added bonus, photos of Paris herself will be revealed, and the star will regularly show up to guide, help, and challenge you as the game goes on. Even Tinkerbell, her celebrity dog, will make a surprise appearance!

Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest will be launched in June 2006 across 150 carriers worldwide in over 70 countries reaching 1 billion plus subscribers.

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