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Canvas M to launch colored notes mobile phone application in India

Canvas M to launch colored notes mobile phone application in India

Canvas M is a joint venture project between Tech Mahindra and Motorola. The company has announced that they would soon launch their mobile phone messaging application named colored notes in the Indian market.

The company is also working on other mobile applications which would enable users to pay bills passing handsets over scanners at cash registers.

This would let the mobile owners use their mobile phones as mobile wallet applications negating the requirement of having a credit or debit card.

Canvas M said that their upcoming Colored Notes application will enable senders to animate their text messages via emoticons that will read them out to receivers.

It is expected to become their first commercial application to be launched in the market. Tech Mahindra President C.P. Gurnani spoke on their plans: ?I can?t tell you the names of the customers as these are path breaking things by which they create brands for themselves.?

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