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Blue Sphere Games Announces Licence Agreement with DC Thomson

Blue Sphere Games Ltd., a leading developer of mobile games and content, together with DC Thomson, the UK's leading publisher of children's comics, are pleased to announce an European Licence Agreement for the creation of Dennis the Menace branded mobile phone games.

This Agreement grants a two-year, European license to Blue Sphere Games for the creation and distribution of mobile games incorporating Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and the other characters from the comic strip that appears in The Beano every week.

The Agreement will enable the exclusive distribution of mobile games involving the "Dennis the Menace" brand across Europe on mobile devices. Blue Sphere Games will develop a portfolio of games, the first of which will be available in September 2005.

Ian Downes from Start Licensing, which represents The Beano characters, commented:" We are very happy to be working with Blue Sphere Games and look forward to developing some interesting new business opportunities. It is refreshing to see how classic characters like Dennis the Menace can work so well in new media".

David Bozward, Chairman of Blue Sphere Games Ltd. says: "Dennis the Menace is one of those classic children's cartoon characters that can still resonate with an adult audience. We look forward to producing a number of engaging games based on this mischievous character."

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