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Blogging Goes Completely Mobile

For First Time, Blog From Anywhere at Any Time Without Laptops or Applications to Download - Post and Read Blog Entries, Upload Photos to All Popular Blog Sites From Any Web-Enabled Mobile Device

CHICAGO, Jan. 3 / -- mdog.com has freed blogging from the computer and carrier/application limitations, transforming it into a truly spontaneous, real-time mobile activity. Thanks to mdog.com's new Mobile Blogging Portal bloggers can post and read blog entries, upload photos and respond to comments to any blog from any web-enabled mobile device such as a Blackberry, Treo, Windows Mobile, Sidekick, higher-end Nokia and Motorola Q.

Users can simply point their mobile browser to mdog.com, select "Blogs", and enter the blog's full internet address. Any mobile user can post, upload photos or read blogs on mdog.com, no matter what device, service provider or blog platform he or she uses. Through this portal, blogs on all major blog services (including Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Xanga, Blogs.com, AOL Blogs, and Livejournal) are perfectly formatted for any Web-enabled mobile device.

The result is a blog breakthrough. While there are some mobile blogging applications, these current technologies are both limited and difficult to use. Because mdog.com universally supports all the popular blog types, is provider- and device-agnostic and easy to use, the mdog.com Mobile Blogging Portal promises to transform blogging. "The major blogging services helped make blogging a mass phenomenon by making it easy for non-technical bloggers to get up and running quickly. We believe we can do the same thing for mobile blogging," Mr. Gerard said.

About mdog.com

mdog.com is the leader in "mobilizing" websites. In addition to offering the blogging tool, mdog.com is the free-of-charge mobile portal that makes hundreds of major media and internet websites easy to read on Web-enabled mobile devices. This mobile platform technology has been used by Forbes.com and The Wall Street Journal's WSJ.com to mobilize their websites.

"mdog.com is an indispensable tool to update text and photos on all major blogs in real time," said Keith Gerard, founder and President of mdog.com. "A laptop plus a wireless hotspot does not equal mobile blogging," Mr. Gerard said. "You can't realize the potential of blogging when you have to go somewhere, set up a laptop and find an Internet connection before you can post or read blogs -- or when you have to download an entire application to your phone before you can start. Real-time community blogging only happens when bloggers can post and read right away about things that are happening right now. That transforms the way people share information and interact with each other. Bloggers can now truly become the 'smart mob' that analysts and futurists have talked about. That's what the mdog.com Mobile Blogging Tool makes possible."

Source: mdog.com

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