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BasWare Introduces Industry?s First Mobile Application for Controlling the Purchase to Pay Process

Mobile Client Provides Users with 24/7 Access to Critical Purchase Management and Invoice Processing Solutions

STAMFORD, Conn.--BasWare, the leading provider of financial automation process solutions, today introduced BasWare Mobile Client, the world?s first mobile application to deliver complete remote control over the financial value chain. The solution enables businesses to eliminate logistical delays in the procurement and invoice approval process by bringing them the Enterprise Purchase to Pay (P2P) solutions they rely on to more easily capture early payment dividends and avoid late payment charges. As a demonstration of the high quality and innovativeness of the application, BasWare has also been accepted as a member of the Forum Nokia PRO Enterprise Zone, a program designed for business software developers.

BasWare Mobile Client gives key financial process stakeholders access to its Enterprise Purchase to Pay solutions on a range of smartphones and mobile devices. It allows users to handle and approve purchase requisitions from BasWare Purchase Management and invoices from BasWare Invoice Processing.

?BasWare has recognized the need within organizations for controlling spend even while key personnel are travelling,? said Matti Rusi, SVP Global Operations at BasWare. ?We?ve identified clear market demand for a mobile solution such as the BasWare Mobile Client and expect it to prove an excellent addition to our portfolio because it has such an immediate impact on a business. It is an easy-to-use and secure tool for people on the move, enabling key budget holders to make financial decisions at any time. BasWare Mobile Client delivers full control over the P2P process in a timely and secure manner.?

BasWare Mobile Client provides mobile access to two key solutions for controlling the purchase to pay process:

? BasWare Purchase Management - BasWare Mobile Client enables users to view items in the approval workflow level, including cost allocation and requisition history, which can be reviewed and approved, rejected or forwarded, allowing instant feedback on any decision.

? BasWare Invoice Processing - BasWare Mobile Client enables the quick and easy management of invoices. The solution provides detailed line-by-line access to invoice history and posting row data, to ensure any outstanding invoices are accurately reviewed, approved or rejected.

BasWare Mobile Client is currently available on the Nokia Nseries, Nokia Eseries and Nokia Communicator devices, and the Blackberry 7000 and 8000 series. Users access the BasWare solution via a secure log-in and all traffic is encrypted over an SSL line, ensuring the security of financial information. Users can then work offline when connectivity is not available, and update at a later stage.

For further information please visit: www.basware.com/mobileclient

About BasWare

BasWare is the global leader in Enterprise Purchase-to-Pay and Financial Management solutions. More than 500,000 end-users in over 20 countries use its software to automate back-office financial operations to enhance efficiency, gain process control and transparency, and meet compliance requirements. BasWare?s products are widely used in Shared Service Centers.

In 2006, net sales reached approximately $80 million. The growth target for net sales for 2007 is 15 - 20% and will continue to be supported by a growing network of value-added resellers. Founded in 1985, BasWare Corporation (HEX:BAS) is a public company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, it has eight subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe.

The BasWare name is a registered trademark of BasWare Corporation. The BasWare logo is a trademark of BasWare Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

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