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Another FREE application for Windows Mobile smartphone released: mccTasks

Microsoft includes a free copy of MS Outlook with each Windows Mobile device but in case of Smartphone edition of Windows Mobile it is not possible to synchronize all the data between MS Outlook on PC and the smartphone... and here come 3rd party applications like mccTasks to the rescue!

On Smartphones, there is no possibility available to edit tasks. With mccTasks, you can edit them as you are used to on your Desktop or PocketPC. mccTasks is using the same Data as the integrated Microsoft Task-Application, so your tasks will be synchronized as you are used to. You can make mccTasks also as standard application for Tasks, just select in the options-menu "Make as main task app"

To learn more or to download this FREE application, http://www.mobile-cc.ch/MCCServices/mccProdukte/mccTasks/tabid/125/Default.aspx.

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