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Anam Mobile and TR2 Communications Launch Global SMS Money Transfer Service

Simple, three-step process allows global money transfer to address book contacts

Dublin, June 18 2007 l Anam Mobile, the leading provider of revenue generating SMS applications, and TR2 Communications today announced that they have launched a new service that will allow global money transfers via SMS. Anam has partnered with TR2 Communications who are providing the cash transfer application to add to Anam?s portfolio of value-added SMS services.

The service is easy-to-use for consumers, following an intuitive three-step procedure. To send money a user writes an sms that begins ?#cash? followed by the amount to send, then selects the person they want to send it to from their address book. The money is transferred once pin-checked and once complete a text message confirmation is received. The recipient of the transfer receives a text message to tell them they have been transferred money.

The money transfer service is available immediately for all global operators and Anam will offer a full consultative approach to create a smooth roll-out of the service to subscribers.

Mobile phones have become an accessory that consumers must have and cannot afford to leave behind at home. At the same time, there is an increasingly global workforce as people move to other countries in search of work. The combination of these two factors means that SMS Money Transfer is the ideal application to allow users to send money ?home?.

Jonathan Power, CEO of TR2 Communications said, ?Anam was a natural choice as a partner given its approach to value-added SMS solutions. We wanted to roll-out this service to operators across the world as an innovative, revenue-generating service and partnering with Anam offered us the opportunity to do just that.?

Gerry McKenna, CEO of Anam said, ?The beauty of this service is that it does not demand consumers to alter their behaviour; it just adds another function to what they can do with SMS. Money transfer is an application that we believe will have a huge take-up. Whether it is used to repay money lent by a friend, or to send money to relatives internationally, by using SMS it becomes an easy to use, intuitive service.?

Operators are continually promised novel data services that will create a new revenue streams. However, these services usually mean a complete shift in consumer mobile behaviour resulting in a slow uptake, or no uptake at all. Anam?s dedication to value-added SMS services allows operators to propose new services without manipulating its customers? mobile behaviour, creating immediate results with additional revenues.

Through the partnership with TR2 Communications, Anam Mobile has added the cash transfer application to its Smart Services Portfolio.

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About Anam

Anam Mobile was one of the pioneers of the value-added sms services market. The company provides a complete messaging services solution to mobile operators worldwide, covering core network SMS and MMS delivery platforms and additional service control products. All Anam products are designed for the modern messaging services environment to allow operators to dramatically increase usage and revenues from text messaging. Anam?s patented Smart Services Interceptor Framework offers mobile operators the ability to rapidly launch new person-to-person messaging services worldwide through a flexible infrastructure that can be deployed in both GSM and CDMA networks. The framework allows operators to enrich and personalise the messaging experience for subscribers.

Anam Mobile has global customers including BT, Meteor, Citic and Go Mobile and partnerships with industry-leading players such as Cisco, Motorola, Ericsson, Amobee and Cloudmark. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Boston, London and Malaysia.

About TR2 Communications

TR2 Communications is the inventor of #cashTM - the simplest P2P payment solution, which is patent pending in the EU and US. A payment is made by simply sending a text beginning ?#cash? followed by the amount. The text is intercepted and the transaction is secured using 2-factor security before being passed to the banks for clearing. #cashTM is the only mobile payment service that allows you to pay a friend by texting a friend. TR2 Communications is based in Ireland and offers #cashTM globally for international funds transfer and local P2P payments.

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