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ActiveMedia Technology Launches Low Cost Mobile Ticketing Software with Virgin Mobile

Mobile ticketing and loyalty specialist ActiveMedia Technology today launched new mobile ticketing software set to reduce the cost of implementing mobile ticketing by more than two thirds naming Virgin Mobile as its first customer.

The unique, patent pending, bar code ticket delivery, management and redemption platform delivers secure barcoded tickets to mobile phones which can be read by off-the-shelf, hand held web cam, rather than traditional costly bespoke terminals. Once scanned, information from the barcode is passed from the web cam to a PC, handheld device or retail Epos system where it is authenticated by ActiveMedia's RAPOS(tm) (redemption at point of sale) software. Flytxt, Virgin Mobile's mobile marketing partner endorsed ActiveMedia's hand held scanner solution as part of the overall mobile ticketing campaign.

Virgin Mobile will use the ActiveMedia's RAPOS(tm) platform to run mobile customer loyalty promotions offering VIP tickets at V-festival. In the first use of the software music fans that attend Virgin Mobile sponsored 'Road to V' gigs at select Carling Academy venues will be encouraged to text the word 'Backstage' to 26666 to gain VIP access to backstage areas. Similar promotions will run at V festivals in both Essex and Staffordshire where the first 250 Virgin Mobile customers at each festival to redeem their VIP mobile ticket will be allowed entry into the Virgin sponsored VIP lounge.

Rosie Newey, Sponsorship & Events Manager, Virgin Mobile said, "This summer we are taking our commitment to providing customers with access to great music one step further. By offering them the chance to mingle with some of the hottest music talent around we aim to strengthen our relationship with existing customers and built our appeal for new ones. The cost, flexibility and ease of deployment of ActiveMedia's RAPOS(tm) platform has been fundamental in helping us bring cutting edge promotions to festival goers across the country!"

The new barcode software is designed to encourage take up of mobile ticketing by dramatically reducing set-up and running costs while simultaneously creating a highly scalable, easy to deploy infrastructure.

Ariya Priyasantha, Managing Director, ActiveMedia Technology said, "Mobile delivery and redemption can reduce the cost of ticketing by as much as 80% compared to paper based tickets. There are obvious fraud reduction benefits too as there is no middle man to interfere with the delivery process The question is not so much if but when this technology will become main stream. With such a low price point for such secure, proven technology that answer has to be very soon."

ActiveMedia Technology will work with Flytxt who will provide the delivery and mobile marketing technology to power the campaign.

Adhish Kulkarni, VP Client Services commented: "ActiveMedia, Flytxt and Virgin have a successful working history together in the mobile arena. We are delighted to once more be combining our strengths to deliver ground breaking mobile services."

ActiveMedia and Flytxt recently powered the Virgin Mobile World Cup promotion and have previously carried out mobile promotions at Virgin sponsored music events throughout the UK.

ActiveMedia Technology's RAPOS(tm) platform redeems more tickets than anybody else globally. It powers the Orange Wednesday two-for-one cinema tickets campaign, one the most successful and longest running of its kind in the world. Other brands that have deployed ActiveMedia's RAPOS(tm) technology include British Airways, Telef?nica, Blockbuster, Vue, UGC, Odeon ad UCI.

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