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Accel Tree banks on FRED for growth Mobility solutions company Accel Tree is gung-ho about its developed framework, named FRED

Mobile solutions firm Accel Tree based here is ready for the big leap ahead.

Four-year-old Accel Tree is working in the mobile enterprise space. The company is banking on FRED, or Front End Application Developer, a framework developed for mobile enterprise application development.

"FRED is development environment that aids in building of complex mobile applications. In this environment, it just takes anything from one to four weeks for building an application which used to take up quite a significant amount of time in the past," says Vivek Mannige, CEO, Accel Tree.

The company is targeting verticals like sales, services, distribution, banking and finance.

According to Mannige, it took three years to build the framework and it is finding lot of traction in the enterprise marketplace. After a few successful pilots, the company is ready to market the environment in a big way.

The company has sold till date 12 solutions based on this tool and has six clients. Accel Tree is focused on the domestic market.

"BPL Mobile is using a solution based on FRED for front-end sales collection. Even a big telecom service provider is also using it for sales collection. Geologistics a courier company, is also using an application for delivery confirmation," says Mannige.

"We hope to clock revenues around 1.5 crore this year, what we call a pre-revenue year. We are also targeting 100 customers by the end of next year. To achieve this growth we are looking at partners. We do not intend to work on our own," he adds.

The company has tied up with IBM and integrated FRED with the company's mobile technology platform.

Accel Tree has 34 people as of now, with 24 in development. The company has till date filed for a patent and is in the process of filing another.

"Filing for a patent is quite a hassle and is certainly not easy," rues Mannige.

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