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Abiro Introduces Mobile Casino

Abiro, provider of mobile multimedia and news services, has introduced a mobile Casino with a number of unique features. The Mobile Casino joins Abiro?s existing mobile-related services. ?Mobile Fun? provides a very broad spectrum of ringtones, pictures, themes, games and videos to enhance the phone experience, while ?Mobile News? is a blog-like news service commenting on trends and other phenomena within the mobile phone industry.

This service is a partnership between Abiro and MobVision and as of yet is only available in the UK. The makers plan to apply rigorous controls of age (18+ only), daily payments (max ?15/day) and fraud, to ensure that things don?t get out of hand.

Games are played on a mobile phone instead of a PC. To get started a free-of-charge Java application is downloaded to the phone either via WAP or ordered via SMS. Then the user can choose between 6 exciting casino games: Nudge7, Sunset Slots, Roulette, Hawaii Hi-Lo, Big Apple Blackjack and Pirate Poker.

Other unique features include: Nintendo-style one-button play (hence no learning curve), games are not lost when connection is interrupted, extensive customer support, win up to 250 times your stake, and 90% average payout and hit rate as high as 1 in 3.

?The goal with the Mobile Casino is for people to have fun, not go bankrupt?, said Anders Borg, CEO of Abiro, ?We hope Mobile Casino will become very popular due to the broad range of well known and easy to play games.?

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