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Abaxia MobileTag application features in Nokia N70 (symbian OS S60) Black in France

Feb 05 2007 /--Mobile Game Developer

Abaxia, a leading specialist in embedded mobile software solutions, has announced that its smart barcode reader application MobileTag, will feature in the Nokia N70 Black in France. The MobileTag application, which has been customised for a major Telecom group, will offer N70 Black users fast and direct access to huge libraries of content that is continually and automatically updated, including online services such as Wap or Web portals, simply by taking a picture of a Tag.

Smart barcode reader uses the N70's camera to access mobile content and capture business card contact information

MobileTag is an embedded application that enables camera-phones to read and decipher data matrix prints, known as 'Tags', which appear as a small square symbol that can be inserted into any text on a paper document, on television, or any kind of advertisement. In addition to faster access to mobile internet sites and SMS services, Nokia N70 Black users will also be able to manage their mobile phone contacts more easily with MobileTag. Using the N70's 2 Megapixel camera, users simply have to take a photo of a tagged business card and all of the contact data for the cardholder will be automatically be entered on the phone's address book.

"MobileTag was developed by Abaxia to allow for simple and easy access to external content - drawn from places like newspapers, billboards, television, advertisements, catalogues, and so on says C?dric Mangaud, CEO, Abaxia. "By linking with Nokia and major operators, we are offering users the ability to use their cameraphone to access a wide variety of mobile content in a fast and efficient way that has not been possible before"

To use the service, Nokia N70 Black users simply have to launch the MobileTag application from their mobile phone, centre the Tag within the screen, and then the camera automatically takes a picture of the image. The user will then be automatically directed to a specific online Web or Wap service, or any news, weather or entertainment site, in retail outlets, offering users product discounts, extra information, or a demonstration video.

About MobileTag

MobileTag allows individuals and professionals to create, manage, and print data matrix prints, known as 'Tags', which can be inserted into any text on a paper document, on television, or any kind of advertisement. Mobile phone users then simply have to centre the Tag within their screen, and snap the image with their camera phone, in order to be automatically directed to a specific online service, such as a Wap or Web portal. MobileTag is already a partner with a wide variety of content providers and publishers. More information is available at www.mobiletag.com

About Abaxia

Abaxia is a software publisher specializing in mobile embedded software solutions. Our primary mission is to provide Mobile Services carriers, Terminals manufacturers and Internet Service Providers mobile embedded solutions for increasing their ARPU by easing out the usage of mobile services. Abaxia designs very powerful user-friendly solutions to turn Smartphones into true wireless links at the centre of everyday use, giving the best user experience. To date, Abaxia plays major role in six major constructors' ROM build and referenced among the leading mobile industry companies as Orange, Nokia, and Bouygues Telecom. The management team has extensive experience in mobile computing, with a mixed background in telecommunications, information systems and internet technologies. More information is available at www.abaxia.com

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