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Abandon Mobile and g8wave Partner to Give Poker Fans a New Way to Stay Connected to the National Heads-Up Poker Championship

Abandon Mobile and g8wave have partnered to leverage their respective experience in mobile gaming and mobile marketing to provide poker players and fans of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship with a whole new way to stay connected to the tournament.

Abandon Mobile and NBC Sports recently launched NBC Sports Heads-Up Poker, a mobile game available exclusively to consumers with BREW?-enabled mobile handsets

g8wave has created a series of premium SMS services that are being offered within the game. Fans who have downloaded the game can "text in" to play poker trivia, testing their knowledge of the game, its history and the players in the Heads-Up Tournament. They can also get helpful tips created by poker pros, sent right to their phones to help give them a winning edge and even find out results from the previous rounds to keep up to the minute on player advancements and eliminations.

Fans can download NBC Sports Heads-Up Poker using their BREW phones. The National Heads-Up Poker Championship is scheduled to air nationwide on NBC Sports from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on May 7 and 14. All television coverage begins at noon EDT; the two-hour championship telecast will take place at 1:00 p.m. EDT on May 21.

About Abandon Mobile

Abandon Mobile is a mobile game developer and publisher formed by Abandon Entertainment, Inc. and GF Capital Management and Advisors, LLC. Recently, Abandon acquired Lucky Chicken Games, a Malibu, Calif.-based game developer whose management team has over 50 years combined game development experience. In August 2005, Abandon Mobile entered into an exclusive worldwide partnership with NBC Sports to bring NBC Sports Branded games to mobile phones. In addition, Abandon invested into massively multiplayer role playing game developer and publisher, Mythic Entertainment and co-published the bestselling Dark Age of Camelot and co-founded Collision Entertainment, a film development company, with producer Scott Faye.

About g8wave

g8wave ("gatewave" www.g8wave.com) is an integrated mobile media company with offices in Boston and London. g8wave is a world leader in the planning, creation, and execution of effective mobile marketing campaigns and content distribution strategies. The company is part of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group.

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