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Abandon Mobile and The US Marine Scout/Sniper Association Team Up For Marine Sniper Mobile Game

15% percent of game sales to benefit non-profit Veterans? organization

Abandon Mobile, a worldwide leader in gaming, along with The US Marine Scout/Sniper Association, today announced that they have entered into a partnership for "US Marine Scout Sniper," an upcoming mobile game that will benefit the non-profit and tax deductible organization. The game, which follows a lone sniper as he battles against terrorists and other enemies, will offer mobile gamers a unique take on modern warfare, where a single well-aimed bullet can mean the difference between victory and defeat. "US Marine Scout Sniper" launches on mobile devices this November, with 15% of game sales going directly to The US Marine Scout/Sniper Association.

The US Marine Scout/Sniper Association, founded in 1998, is a non-profit 501(C)(19) Veterans organization that provides Marine snipers with state-of-the-art optical equipment for use in the field, while also providing comfort items to those serving with basic daily needs items and family support when they return. Marine Scout Snipers, known as the ?Guardians of the Battlefield,? are an invaluable Marine unit that is known for their long-ranged attack capabilities and their ability to psychologically shape conflict, which is increasingly important within today?s urban warfare environment. A certain percentage of proceeds from the game will go directly to the association for support of troops on the battlefield.

In "US Marine Scout Sniper," you play the role of a new recruit on your way to combat. Your helicopter is shot down behind enemy lines, and as you narrowly evade capture, you uncover a plot to use a nuclear device to destabilize the region. You must use all your skills as a Marine Scout Sniper to infiltrate enemy strongholds, sneak past observation posts, line up the target in your sights, and eliminate each of your mission objectives. Progress through eight action-packed levels, until you neutralize the terrorist threat and can call in for extraction.

?Marine snipers are an integral component in keeping our country safe, and we?re honored to be chosen as the developer and publisher behind such a unique title,? said Jamie Ottilie, President and COO of Abandon Mobile. ?Working with The US Marine Scout/Sniper Association helps ensure that not only is our game true-to-life, but also benefiting a great cause in supporting troops both at home and overseas.?

?The US Marine Scout/Sniper Association?s primary objective is in supporting Marine snipers and their families, as well as making the public aware of the unique role and responsibility that this most elite soldier provides to the United States,? said Tom ?Moose? Ferran, Chairman of USMC, Marine Scout/Sniper Association. ?Abandon Mobile is a company dedicated to quality gaming titles and we?re confident that 'US Marine Scout Sniper' will not only provide mobile gamers with an exciting experience, but provide us with additional resources to do a better job of supporting our soldiers.?

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