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AT&T?S Wireless Unit Tag Teams With WWE on Exclusive Mobile Content

World Wrestling Entertainment has an exceptionally loyal and passionate fan base, with its television programming reaching more than 15 million viewers per week. These fans follow WWE across all media, including television, pay-per-view, online, DVDs, magazines, and theatrical films. Now WWE will work jointly with AT&T, formerly Cingular Wireless, to make the mobile device the next extension of WWE, allowing fans to experience a new generation of mobile video and interactivity.

In the coming months, AT&T and WWE will be launching a number of wireless related services. Fans will have access to a custom-built, cutting edge mobile internet WWE portal that will provide access to a deep library of content, and will prove to be a model for a new generation of mobile connectivity. There will be an exclusive collection of WWE-themed videos, ringtones, voice tones and graphics so fans can personalize their mobile experience. In addition, AT&T intends to use WWE content to explore text-based programs that will offer AT&T?s 61 million customers and WWE fans a unique interactive experience.

?WWE fans love action ? anytime and anyplace. Now, fans can carry the action with them wherever they go, just in time for WrestleMania.? said John Burbank, vice president of AT&T wireless marketing.

?It?s all about the WWE fans,? said Shane McMahon, WWE?s executive vice president, Global Media. ?Imagine something happens at RAW, SmackDown, or WrestleMania 23, and moments later, that moment in time is available on your AT&T handset. Because we own our intellectual property, we have the unparalleled ability to create this must- have content for our fans. In order to create the ideal fan-centric mobile experience, it was necessary to work exclusively with one partner who was an industry leader and that is why we teamed up with an innovator like AT&T.?

Headlining the debut of WWE in the mobile arena is an extensive arsenal of video content. WWE Mobile will feature a basic package of short-form videos each month, as well as a premium package, providing a deeper view into WWE. Add this to a full library of ringtone, voicetone, and wallpaper content, and AT&T?s wireless customers now have on-the-go wireless access to the WWE brand.

Pricing & Availability

*Cingular Video is available to customers who have a 3G phone while in a 3G market. 3G is the latest technology in wireless, bringing customers dramatically faster speeds that support new services, such as Cingular Video. Currently, 3G is available in 165 cities in the United States. Cingular Video?s basic content is available as part of the $19.99 MEdia Max 200 Bundle, and includes access to a variety of great WWE videos. Premium content, like some of the new WWE Mobile video content, is optional and customers are charged an additional fee for access. The ?WWE Ringside? premium video package is available for $4.99 a month on Cingular Video, WWE ringtones and voice tones are available for $2.49 each. Graphics are available for $1.99. For more information, visit www.cingular.com/media .

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