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ARM teams with Intrinsyc to save power on Windows mobile devices

Mobile chip designer ARM Holdings Plc has announced an alliance with mobile software developer Intrinsyc Software International Inc for an offering that enables devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 to reduce power consumption by up to 58%.

The offering brings together Cambridge, UK-based ARM's Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) software and the Intrinsyc Software for Windows Mobile, the latter enabling processor-level power management.

The IEM technology controls voltage scaling hardware such as Freescale's i.MX31 application process,using advanced patented algorithms that enable significant power savings on battery-powered devices. Intrinsyc, from Vancouver, Canada, said in a statement that recent testing of the combined products running on a Freescale i.MX31 development platform "delivered power savings of up to 58 percent in certain common use scenarios."

It added that, in addition to the Freescale product, the integrated software is also available for the Texas Instuments OMAP2420 app processor, which is the most widely used in the mobile phone market.

"With ARM and Intrinsyc integrating their power management solutions, OEMs will be able to significantly improve the battery life of devices and deliver products that meet the demands of today's savvy consumers," said Kevin McInityre, IEM product manager at ARM.

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