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AOL to trial groundbreaking mobile application in the UK

AOL: signs up to Juicecaster

LONDON - AOL has signed up to trial a groundbreaking mobile application designed to simplify the process of capturing and distributing images on the web.

AOL will offer its members free access to the service, created by Juice Wireless, which promotes social networking through the upload of pictures and videos from a mobile phone to any online site.

Called JuiceCaster, it also enable users to view user-generated pictures and videos, create live videos on the web and connect with friends.

Mike Moore, head of monetisation services for AOL Europe, said: "JuiceCaster is exactly the type of application our users want -- an easy-to-use social networking service that connects mobile phones to the web. This is a leading product delivering open, post-anywhere, mobile picture and video blogging."

Users who sign up to the free service will receive the JuiceCaster application and its mobile-to-web publishing tool MediaBox. MediaBox is offered as a simple Flash plug-in, which the user adds into their online pages and websites, and each time a picture or video is taken, it is automatically distributed to each of its locations.

David Herman, chief executive of Juice Wireless, said: "We are thrilled to launch JuiceCaster with AOL in the UK to provide their users with a truly useful and usable mobile application -- posting your mobile phone pictures and videos to the web sites of your choice is something every user understands and wants."

The JuiceCaster trial is expected to launch in the UK by early next year.

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