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ACCESS Linux Platform Named an Orange Approved Platform

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo ACCESS CO., LTD today announced that Orange has named the Access Linux Platform (ALP) as an Orange approved platform across its network. In addition, the two companies are working together to develop the Orange Application Package for ACCESS Linux Platform-based mobile phones.

Designed to accelerate time to market for ALP-based mobile phones and devices, the Orange Application Package for ALP is being designed to run on top of ALP. This package, containing applications optimized to deliver the Orange experience, will provide handset and mobile device manufacturers with a turnkey mobile Linux platform. This platform can then be used to easily and quickly develop ALP-based Orange Signature Devices.

ACCESS and Orange will jointly work on the creation of this customized suite of applications, including third party applications. ACCESS will leverage its professional services team to help device vendors integrate this suite onto their design. This is expected to provide a time-to-market and compatibility advantage.

?Orange is committed to developing innovative and exciting mobile applications,? said Yves Maitre, vice president, devices, Orange. ?This is part of our wider Signature strategy, which delivers a consistent customer experience across a variety of devices and applications. Having ALP as an Orange approved platform and working with ACCESS to develop and deliver the Orange Application Package for ALP, will enable us to foster the growth of the mobile Linux market.?

?As a commercial-grade, flexible, open, robust and standards-based Linux platform, ALP is designed to support the goal of operators to offer revenue-generating services, applications and content while providing handset manufacturers with faster time-to-market, " said Toru Arakawa, CEO and co-founder, ACCESS. ?Orange is always at the forefront of delivering best-in-class solutions to its customers and partners. We are pleased that ALP has been named an Orange approved platform and we are excited to be working with them on the Orange Application Package?a real world demonstration of the benefits we believe ALP provides.?

About the ACCESS Linux Platform

The ACCESS Linux Platform, or ALP, is a fully integrated, open, flexible and commercial grade Linux-based platform designed for smartphones and mobile devices. ALP combines the best-in-class open source Linux components with proven mobile technologies from the portfolios of PalmSource and ACCESS.

The ACCESS Linux Platform will include a Palm OS compatibility layer, currently known as GHost (Garnet Host). It is expected that properly written 68K Palm OS applications will run on ALP-based devices with little or no modification.

About Orange

Orange is a key brand of the France Telecom Group, one of the world?s leading telecommunications operators with 149 million customers on five continents.

In June, 2006, as part of the France Telecom Group integrated operator strategy (NExT programme) to deliver simple, convergent products, Orange became the single brand for mobile, broadband and multiplay offers in France, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, strengthening Orange?s position as the number two mobile and internet services brand in Europe. In addition, Orange Business Services became the new banner for business communications solutions and services. Orange Business Services is present in 166 countries and territories and serves customers in 220.

The France Telecom Group has 23 mobile and nine Internet operations across the world. At July 27, 2006, the group had 88.6 million mobile customers, and 11.9 million Internet customers.

Further information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at www.orange.com

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