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A First: Blackberry Application for Low-Cost International Calls Announced by MINO Wireless

MINO Wireless (http://www.minowireless.com), a Sunnyvale, CA-based mobile services company, has announced a new mobile application for making international calls from Blackberry phones. Users can call any phone worldwide at very low rates.

MINO began selling its Blackberry application on Handango (www.handango.com) in May, and in the first four weeks several thousand Blackberry users have downloaded the MINO Java application, which takes only two minutes to download and install. ?It?s a great tool to have on your Blackberry for making low-cost international calls, without dialing access numbers and PIN numbers like with calling cards. It?s very convenient,? said Jeremy Desai, a MINO user who downloaded MINO from Handango and has been using it to call from Canada to the UK.

Users can dial direct from their contact lists after they install the MINO application and pay very low international calling rates. Blackberry users who can?t download a Java application can still use MINO by pointing their WAP browsers to getmino.com.

?MINO is defining a new category of mobile applications,? says CEO Jing Liu. ?Internet calling technology has given computer users new ways to make affordable international calls, including Vonage and SkypeOut. But MINO is the first company to extend Internet-activated calls to mobile phones.?

MINO opened its service in early 2006 and has signed up over 40,000 users in more than 50 countries in a few months. ?When we looked at the early adopters of our service, we found that Blackberry was the most popular device among them,? said Jing Liu.

Mobile phone is the natural device for making international calls, but if users want reasonable cost, they are not likely to use their mobile phone to make international calls. Since Blackberry users already have an Internet plan for emailing, they can get the low cost and convenience of calling from PC?s and VoIP phones on their Blackberry device with MINO.

MINO Wireless was founded in 2004 and has been developing the technology to connect mobile phones to the Voice-Over-IP infrastructure for two years.

About MINO Wireless

MINO Wireless is the first to launch VoIP on mobile devices. MINO? is a software service compatible with most mobile devices that allows mobile phone users worldwide to make international calls at very low rates. The company?s revolutionary technology uses the Internet connection on the mobile phone to connect to the Voice-Over-IP infrastructure to reduce the cost of international calls by over 70%. MINO Wireless is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. Further information about the company can be found at http://www.MINOwireless.com.

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