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3GSM 2007: Project Gotham Racing Mobile gets a smartphone revamp

Another game being shown off on Glu Mobile stand at 3GSM was the Symbian version of Project Gotham Racing, which is due out soon.

Unlike the Java version that we reviewed before Christmas, this one hasn't been developed internally at Glu, but instead is the work of external developer Ideaworks3D.

The company has form in the racing genre, having previously developed two Need For Speed games for EA Mobile in the US, as well as futuristic N-Gage racer System Rush.

The game was playable on Glu's stand, and looks absolutely stunning, with visuals verging on PSP-quality. That said, there is a fairly large amount of pop-up ? more than the Java game ? meaning that you can effectively watch buildings and scenery being drawn in ahead of you.

Glu reckons this isn't a big problem, as players will be focusing on the car and what's immediately ahead, rather than ogling the horizon. Personally, I found it a bit off-putting while playing, but it may be you get used to it.

There's also extra locations to race in, adding Cairo and Shanghai to London, Paris and San Francisco from the original game. And while Glu wasn't showing it on the stand, the Windows Mobile version will have an extra car in, too.

As with any Symbian game, the question will be where you can actually buy it. But pop-up aside, the new Project Gotham Racing Mobile is shaping up to be a good showcase for high-end handsets.

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