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3Dconnexion Offers 3D Input Device SDK

3Dconnexion has announced a software developers kit (SDK) for programming motion-control drivers for use with custom modeling and animation code packages and level editors used in game development .

The 3Dconnexion SDK is an easy-to-use toolkit providing all the resources needed to add full 6DOF navigation and other enhanced motion-controller functions, allowing 3Dconnexion's award-winning SpacePilot(TM) and SpaceTraveler(TM) devices to support custom authoring packages, level editors, and modeling systems. The kit includes:

-- 3DxWare libraries

-- Source code examples

-- Demos

-- Tips and techniques

-- Examples of building and using libraries and demos

"With digital content increasing in complexity, the developer's tools must keep up -- and they must help the developer build more sophisticated, compelling games and other content, at a much faster pace," said Rory Dooley, president of 3Dconnexion, Inc. "Developers who download our SDK and spend the few hours needed to support a 3Dconnexion device, can expect to earn back that time, because they can start using our motion controllers to create more scenes and models at a more rapid clip."

A Game Developer magazine Front Line Award finalist for three consecutive years, 3Dconnexion devices provide full, simultaneous six-axis movement in any and all directions. A 3Dconnexion motion controller can add value to every aspect of a developer's project, used in conjunction with mouse and keyboard to enable an intuitive, streamlined workflow. Applying light pressure to the controller translates into dynamic movement: Users can pan, zoom, and rotate with the controller in one hand, while they simultaneously create and edit with mouse in the other.

At the 2006 Game Developer's Conference this week in San Jose, Calif., 3Dconnexion will present tips and techniques in Booth 1738 on how to use 3D input devices with leading digital content creation applications such as Autodesk(R) 3ds max(R) and Maya(R), and Softimage SOFTIMAGE(R)/XSI(R). Attendees will have the opportunity to win SpaceTravelers and other advanced input devices. Additionally, show attendees will have an opportunity to win a 3Dconnexion motion controller by participating in the NVIDIA (GDC booth 1008) live "Got Art?" contest.

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