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3 Italia Launches X-Series, New Portal

3 Italia has launched the X-Series data package that the 3 group has launched in the UK and Australia. The service will cost 9 euros (US$12) a month or 3 euros (US$4) a week. The service will let people use ?instant messaging with Windows Live Messenger, send and read e-mails with direct access to MSN Hotmail, Google GMail, Yahoo! Mail and any webmail using the browser WWW3, search the web with Yahoo! oneSearch and trade on line with eBay, call for free by the Internet with Skype, use photosharing Flickr services with Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 and surf any website with WWW3 powered by Novarra?.

3 has also launched a new mobile portal customized with ?flavours?, which will include Kids, News, Community, Music, TV, Sport, Games and For Man. Customers can choose which flavour they want.

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