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Mobilearth introduces another Mobile Banking Solution ? Text ME

? TRG Mobilearth Inc., a provider of mobile Internet banking is very pleased to announce a new channel for mobile banking ? Text ME.

Text ME is the latest offering from Mobilearth. It allows the customer to use SMS to connect with the bank and get balances, account history or ask for a phone call from the financial institution. Text commands are fully configurable and can be customized by the financial institution for their customers. Mobilearth also gives their financial institutions the option to send both the request and the reply in a second language since their entire customer application is multi-lingual. HELP will get an English reply while AYUDA will get a Spanish response.

According to Tia Lee, Chief Operating Officer for Mobilearth, ?We are always looking for ways to make the mobile experience simple and easy. Whether you prefer to use the built in browser on your mobile device or text messaging, we want mobile banking to be accessible to everyone. Adding the additional Text ME option made sense from a youth perspective.?

Adds Graeme Cox, Chief Technical Officer, ?The Text ME and Mobile ME products require no downloadable applications as they are already built into a customer?s mobile device. Mobilearth's open and nonproprietary philosophy allows us to build products that do not make a bank dependent on a mobile network operator and can appeal effectively to the mobile masses.?

The Text ME application will be packaged with the current Mobile ME application. Financial institutions will be able to turn on the Text ME application with the flick of a switch.

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