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Mobile Application Development

Smackall Games develops high quality applications with a customized J2ME user interface developed by us. The UI support many features that are not available in J2ME's high level classes. This UI is designed to run on any mobile device screen so that porting work is reduced tremendously. Also our application development includes GPRS communication, Bluetooth, Wap applications, data-transfer in XML with the server. We have developed a security protocol in java that can be used to exchange encrypted data with the server. The J2ME encryption algorithm is designed and optimized to run on most mobile CPU with very less resource. Get your free project estimation here.

Data Security For Mobile Applications

The main drawback on J2ME for data security is, J2ME doesn't support any security algorithms by default, in other words there is no inbuilt security technology in most recent mobile devices because of the low CPU and memory available on the device. We have developed a SDK for securing data transfer between server and the client mobile device.

Customized UI for J2ME

J2ME platform user interface is not smart enough to develop an application that is expected to have a highly graphical user interface. We have developed a package of java classes for java enabled mobile device, that takes care of the mobile screen and optimizes the UI according to the device and also provides a smart way for developers to create a good looking UI in a very few lines of code.

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