how to aniamte sprites in a view in iphone Game

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how to aniamte sprites in a view in iphone Game

Postby chiranjeevi » Tue Dec 22, 2009 8:31 pm

hi to all..

i am new to iphone development. presently i have to develop a game for iphone ,

in my game , i have to dispaly some sprites in a tiled manner in a view like 3x4 matrix position . which are to be start animation one after another . these animated sprites have to wait for player's tap (touch).

in this game , one of the sprite instance completes the animation , with out any user tap on it , i have to found that event and have to finish the game.
then how can i found ....the sprite animation is completed or not with out any tap on it ?

if the player ,taps on the sprite before its animation completion , then i have to add score to that player and , have to start another sprite's animation , which is in the same view.

this is the game i have to develop...
i think you all understand what my game is.

can any body give me ad idea , that how can i approach to this game.
which api i have to use , core animation or open gles or any special game ingine like cocos2d ,oolong, unity3d .

i am confused about these api usage .

please suggest , how can i develop the issues in my game. give me some high level inforamtion of way to complete my game .

i am new to iphone development.. thats why i asked like this.

your response is valuble to me .
I know I'm asking a lot, but any info would be really appreciated.
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Re: how to aniamte sprites in a view in iphone Game

Postby rahul7star » Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:18 pm

its simple
save images in NSMUt arr and display them 1 by 1 with some speed and you can run collision code upto array.length
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