Full Screen Anti Aliasing in iphone opengl

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Full Screen Anti Aliasing in iphone opengl

Postby iamjayanth » Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:20 am


I am trying to learn different antialiasing techniques used in iphone opengl . But now I started to think iphone opengl engine doesnt support antialiasing method used in normal opengl . I used textures and I tried mipmapping which did reduces some aliasing but still the edges are not smooth . Also there is a blurry look to the texture now . I read about Full Screen AntiAliasing (FSAA) but iphone opengl doesnt seems to be supporting it and we have to manually mimick FSAA by rendering to a larger target buffer and then scale down the image. I googled for an example for how to do it but didnt get one...I am using opengl ES1.1 working on XCode 3.1.4... Can anybody help me to get an example code on FSAA or post any useful links to the same...

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