Query with regards to j2me project using m3g

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Query with regards to j2me project using m3g

Postby dudezhere7889 » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:37 am

Hello Folks,

My query goes like this.....

Consider that I have done the following

iChild = (Node) iParentNode.find(100); //the ID of the child is 100

Rendering mode is retained mode.

When the world is rendered, where will this node(iChild),
be placed w.r.t World Coordinate axis???

Does it happen that this particular node (iChild) appear,
at its default translational values, as being set in the
m3g file???

Say iChild.getTranslation();
gave me (-44.0f, 23.0f, -10.0f)
does it happen that for the first time iChild is placed @
(-44.0f, 23.0f, -10.0f) w.r.t world coordinate axis when rendered??

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