Need help. Having weird problems in deployment.

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Need help. Having weird problems in deployment.

Postby adonisvillamor » Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:49 am

Ok, i'm new to j2me but not in programming specially c# and this seems like a very weird bug in this programming language. It's more of 'moody' where a certain peice of code will work coz it wants to. heres the thing... I'm learning it's game app and I'm just in the part where it teaches me about putting images on the GameCanvass:

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import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;

public class ALVGameCanvas
        extends GameCanvas
        implements Runnable

    private boolean isPlay; // Game Loop runs when isPlay is true
    private long delay; // To give thread consistency
    private int currentX, currentY; // To hold current position of the 'X'
    private int width; // To hold screen width
    private int height; // To hold screen height
    private boolean show;
    private Image image;

    public ALVGameCanvas()
        width = getWidth();
        height = getHeight();
        currentX = width / 2;
        currentY = height / 2;
        delay = 20;

    // Automatically start thread for game loop
    public void start() throws IOException {
        isPlay = true;
        Thread t = new Thread(this);

        image= Image.createImage("/Transparent.png");

    public void stop() { isPlay = false; }

    public void run() {
        Graphics g = getGraphics();
        while (isPlay == true) {
        try { Thread.sleep(delay); }
        catch (InterruptedException ie) {}

    // Method to Handle User Inputs
    private void input() {
        int keyStates = getKeyStates();
        // Left
        if ((keyStates & LEFT_PRESSED) != 0)
        currentX = Math.max(0, currentX - 1);
        // Right
        if ((keyStates & RIGHT_PRESSED) !=0 )
        if ( currentX + 5 < width)
        currentX = Math.min(width, currentX + 1);
        // Up
        if ((keyStates & UP_PRESSED) != 0)
        currentY = Math.max(0, currentY - 1);
        // Down
        if ((keyStates & DOWN_PRESSED) !=0)
        if ( currentY + 10 < height)
        currentY = Math.min(height, currentY + 1);

    // Method to Display Graphics
    private void drawScreen(Graphics g) {
        g.fillRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());
        //g.drawImage(tempImage, 0, 0, 0);
        g.drawString("X", currentX, currentY, 0);
        if(currentY > (height /2)+3) show = true;
            g.drawImage(image, currentX, currentY, 0);


this code works and the image will show. this is not the original intention however. this is the original code for that drawScreen method
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    private void drawScreen(Graphics g) {
        g.fillRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());
        g.drawImage(image, currentX, currentY, 0);

guess what! when I run the original on my NokiaN95 the application crashed stating an unhandled exception. I tried commenting out that g.drawImage() part, deploy again and it works!

F.Y.I. It's not an issue of if the image was loaded, exists in the jar etc. coz it was. As proof by the final code I made where I had to put that show boolean which i set to true after I activated a certain condition(which in my case is to move the currentY to be more than half the screen) and when it does the image now appears and moves along the cursor. never expected this from java. I guess microsoft does have reason to clone java. it seems to have a good idea on OOP but it's bugged gravely and I'm not even within half the lesson and the lesson already failed on me.

P.S. both code will work on the emulator. but not in the phone
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