Help in the Design of a Maze Game

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Help in the Design of a Maze Game

Postby Tolkemada » Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:46 pm

Hi, i am a new user and i hope you all can help me with my little mobile game.

I want to do a simple Maze Game with five levels or so, and a function to open holes (if the player go throug a hole, it fall to the previous level). Very simple i thougn.

The truth is that i need to do it for my Final Career Proyect ( i don't know if this is an accurate translation, it is the proyect you have to do and the end of the university to obtain your diploma). But i have time to do it, so i wanto to do it, step by step.

First, i have to use de Netbeans IDE with the JavaME pack, i hope there is no problem about that. I surfed the net and found a tutorial where suppose to teach you how to use netbeans and JavaME. This tutorial has a maze game completily done and functional, so i only have to study the code, learn how does it do the things, etc... I've been around 2 weeks studying the code but i only understand the half of it, but i think i can understood it all, in time.

So the problems i have are:

- When designing a new game, it's better do and UML Diagram, or something like that ?
- I need a software that can save in svg tiny format. (Netbeans does not recognize the svg tiny format do it in illustrator cs4, or i am doing something wrong)
- If you have a better way to do it this Maze Game instead of use as a base the game in the tutorial, please let mi know.
- Any ideas will be greatfull.

Thanks !!

Sorry if i have some bad grammar errors (sure i do), as you can see, i am not an english speaker (i am spanish).
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