AI in game engine

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AI in game engine

Postby jestan » Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:42 am

I am trying to implement a 2D isometric tile game. It is a arcade game and , in the game engine, i have to code for enemy units, NPC s: for example an enemy unit could able search for the player, attack the player and ect. For that purpose i have read some game design books( Game design books for PC). In those books, i noted some type of attack: sine wave attack, modulated sine wave attack... and some customary implementation of enemy units such as weak enemy unit, normal enemy unit and aggressive enemy unit. Now, i don't know how to implement in those things in J2ME. In my previous game was purely multi player type and i didn't code for AI. Can anyone give some hints or reference material for how to do those things.


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