Anti-Piracy features

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Anti-Piracy features

Postby JonnyJP » Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:34 am

I'm able to develop java games, copy them to my phone and then run them on my phone with no problems.

However, there is nothing stopping people from copying the .jar file across to other phones making it easy for people to pirate my games. When you buy commercial games for your mobile, initially you have a free demo version which you can select to upgrade to full version (at a cost). The demo versions are always unlocked so freely distributable but the bought game is always locked so you cannot copy this to other phones or even transfer it across to your computer.

Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to do this in Java? Or are the distributors (i.e. Vodafone Live where you download games from) able to put these locks in place for you when you upload your game to their servers?

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not new to Java but new to mobile development!

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Postby DevelopmentTeam » Sat Oct 27, 2007 2:38 am

You need to learn things about DRM (Digital rights management). DRM on mobile has a standard developed by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance). You can learn it easily and there is not a great task involved in it. The problem is OMA is not supported in all mobile models, some old models need to be delivered with raw file which obviously can be pirated. But for the rest of the phones you need to deliver in OMA format with forward lock or any other lock you prefer. To avoid the piracy you need to port the games in such a way that the builds for devices that doesn't support OMA should only be able to install on those devices and should not be able to run on other devices.

Best of luck...
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