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Crazy Cubes - iPhone Game

Crazy Cubes

A simple and Brain teasing puzzle game to test your skills. The objective of the game is to remove all green blocks in a level by rolling the cube over it. You'll come across many crazy blocks to handle as you progress with different levels.
Iyan 3D - Make Your Own Animation Movie - iPhone Game

Iyan 3D - Make Your Own Animation Movie

Iyan 3D makes it possible for anyone to build their Animation Movie. A complete solution to wake the Creative Animation Director in you. You can now make your 3D Animation Movie, Documentary, or even a Cartoon with just your iOS Device. It require no or very limited knowledge to start doing it
iCopter Classic Pro - iPhone Game

iCopter Classic Pro

The Pro version is for those who don't like the Ads in the free version. "iCopter Classic" free version is also available. iCopter Classic Pro: The most awaited helicopter game. The gameplay is the same as the simple classical game. Touching the screen will accelerate the helicopter to move up and releasing the touch will drop the copter down.
King of Maths - iPhone Game

King of Maths

Think, you are good at Maths? Now try this simple puzzle to speed up your maths skills. It's just additions and you'll need to sit on the tip of your chairs.
Stripe Jeweled - iPhone Game

Stripe Jeweled

One of the most addictive gameplay design coupled together with the most exciting recent trends of advanced Physics Engine games. Remove groups of gems with same color/shape to keep gems from filling your screen. You have a lot of bonus gems that do wonderful coloring effects.
Stripe Physics2 - iPhone Game

Stripe Physics2

Physics based puzzle game. The objective of the game is to bring the red ball onto the platform, by using objects with different physical characteristics. 1) The physics is much faster and realistic. 2) A comepletely new Design. 3) Unlimited levels
Puppy Flier - iPhone Game

Puppy Flier

Help them learn to fly far distances. Use accelerometer to guide them to avoid hurdles and collect as many coins and bonus object to get to the top score.
Stripe Physics - iPhone Game

Stripe Physics

Physics based puzzle game.The objective of the game is to bring the red ball onto the platform,by using objects with different physical characteristics.
SG Tower Defence - iPhone Game

SG Tower Defence

(Desktop Tower defence Style game) The goal is to try to stop enemies from crossing the map by building towers which shoot at them. Enemies and towers have different abilities and costs. When an enemy is killed you earn money, which can be used to buy or upgrade towers to make them stronger.
Mr.Boru in Space - iPhone Game

Mr.Boru in Space

Mr.Boru is struggling to go to his base. Help him with all your God powers by removing and exploding objects in space. Unfortunately there is gravity.
BullDozer Mania - iPhone Game

BullDozer Mania

Bulldozer Mania is an addictive puzzle where you manage bulldozers to compress the boxes. Touch each side walls and swipe to move the wall in. Compress as much as possible to get more points.
DragonvsGoblins - iPhone Game


Young angry dragons fighting against bad green goblins for their freedom. Your mission is to help the dragon spit fire balls and destroy all goblins in each level to save him.
Copter Deluxe - iPhone Game

Copter Deluxe

The most awaited helicopter game!. The gameplay is very simple. Touching the screen will accelerate the helicopter to move up and releasing the touch will drop the copter down. You should avoid the helicopter touching the Hurdles and the walls of the cave on top and bottom.
Doomsday 2012 - iPhone Game

Doomsday 2012

Doomsday 2012: After the doomsday event caused by the aliens, the only human left in the world is you. Nancy, your girl is taken away for their research. You have to kill the aliens to save the world. Story Mode: You have to complete 5 levels to finish the game. The difficulty gets tougher greatly in each levels. You have to plan strategically to win the game. You cannot buy health in the shop in this mode. Fun/Arcade Mode: This mode is for casual gamer. The game seems tough first time but you can easily go to level 15 when you get used to it. All that you have to do is choose when to buy what in the weapon shop.
AppController - iPhone Game


AppController is a generic remote control app for our Mac Games. You can use you iPhone/iPod/iPad as a joystick to control games on large screens.
Smackie ChatBot - iPhone Game

Smackie ChatBot

Smackie is an Artificial Intelligent Robot that chats with humans. The Robo interacts, learns and answers your questions. To delete the conversation log user clear button and select the appropriate option.
ReadIt - iPhone Game


A simple Text-To-Speech Engine to read any text pasted on the Application. 'Read It' is the only free application on AppStore that converts Text to speech locally on your device. The text is not taken to our server in any case. Features: 1) Converts any text to speech. 2) Only App that is free and converts Text to speech locally. 3) Uses no connectivity to convert text to speech. 4) Allows to Paste text copied from any other iPhone app (iPhone OS 3.0 support) 5) No subscription, no registration, required.
iCopter Classic - iPhone Game

iCopter Classic

The most awaited helicopter game free!. The gameplay is the same as the simple classical game. Touching the screen will accelerate the helicopter to move up and releasing the touch will drop the copter down.
Space Roads - iPhone Game

Space Roads

Your goal is to complete a road in the space with your ship, whereby you have to avoid obstacles: blocks on the road that you mustn't collide with and gaps in the road that you mustn't fall through. You can accelerate and decelerate your ship, move it left and right, and jump, so you have the option to jump over gaps and onto blocks surfaces or move around obstacles. The faster you travel, the faster you also can move left or right and the wider you can jump.
Racer Hunter - iPhone Game

Racer Hunter

Racer Hunter is a classical Cop vs Racer game. You are a cop and have to knock down the racers in the road. You have to avoid the traffic in the same time. Your car is good in against Racers and not traffic vehicles. The speed keeps going up gradually and the game is all about holding yourself at the speed. Enjoy high speed racing. :)

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