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iPhone Game Development
iSmack 1.3 is our 3D game engine for iPhone and iPod Touch developed on the official iPhone SDK. The 3D engine is compatible with OpenGL ES 1.1 and is completely in Pure C++ with Objective-C classes wrapped around it. iSmack 1.3 supports importing OBJ file formats and 3DS file formats with animation, lighting, Texturing and Cameras. iSmack 1.3 uses OpenAL for audio playback and supports compressed and uncompressed audio file formats.

iSmack 1.3 3D Game Engine Specification

1) File Format support (3ds with animation)
2) Audio support (Compatible with OpenAL)
3) Input Device (Multitouch sensing and Accelerometer)
4) Texture support (Supports TGA, BMP, PNG file formats)
5) Animation support (Camera and object path, Keyframe animation)

Expected Features in iSmack 1.5

1) File Format support (custom file format with exporter and importer plugin for Blender)
2) Animation support (Bones support)
3) Texture support (Few more image formats and optimizing code for transparency)
4) Physics Engine (Adding physics library)

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