Glass & Windscreen Replacement

How to Recognise if a Windscreen Needs to Be Replaced

Windscreen replacements are one of the most common types of service offered by glaziers. Not only can they be an effective way to remove the risk of chips, cracks and damage from a vehicle; they can benefit from long term warranties as well. This is mainly due to the fact that modern windscreens typically use tempered glass – a much stronger form of the material that can last for years, if not decades in many cases. But if the glass suffers with a more substantial amount of damage, then a replacement may be the only way forward.

Windscreen Replacement Video by DCAutoglass

How can you tell if a windscreen might need to be replaced?

Most signs will be very noticeable – but not all of them relate to the window itself. For example:

  1. If the window has suffered with a chip that has led to a crack and then a split; there aren’t many ways to repair these incidents, so replacing the glass entirely might be the only option
  2. If the windscreen has suffered with damage as a result of an impact (either a collision with another vehicle or some sort of thrown or dropped object), the likelihood of immediate crater damage may be present. In these cases a glazier won’t typically be able to repair each piece of glass and return it to its usual position. Instead, they might have to remove the entire panel and fit a new one
  3. Sometimes (but not often), excessive levels of heat might take their toll on the structural integrity of glass, potentially resulting in warping. Although tempered glass will usually be laminated and therefore protected against the risk of shattering, even if splits do occur their warped shape can often take a toll on the surrounding frame of the vehicle. If left untreated gaps can form, which can lead to leaks and air flow – and unfortunately there’s no way to unwarp the glass, making a replacement necessary


Warping in Windscreen Replacement

These events are some of the most common and can be fairly noticeable, although the presence of warping can be a little more challenging to detect, especially if the panel deforms in a more subtle manner. In any case and when problems are suspected, it can be worthwhile to get in touch with a glazier to seek their professional advice.

Glass & Windscreen Replacement

These glass repair experts will often be able to provide advice and information on the spot – and as many bring replacement parts with them, they might be able to address the situation there and then and allow the vehicle’s owner to be back on the road in next to no time.