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Getting To Grips With Cleaning Up Your House, Garden and Carpets For the New Year

While your executive rental property gardens and outdoor spaces will need maintenance and care year-round to remain functional and visually appealing, many homeowners find that autumn and winter time brings a whole host of additional chores to a job that may already take up time and effort. When garden clean ups get too overwhelming, it’s no secret that hiring a professional team can alleviate the pressure.

Why clean up your garden in the colder months?

As the weather turns, many of us tend to spend less and less time outdoors and this makes it easier for outdoor spaces to fall into disrepair. Colder climates can play host to a range of issues, from weeds seeding to pest infestations, so maintaining care can offer more benefits than simply keeping the space looking good. This can be especially true for native Australian gardens, where indigenous flora and fauna and fuller landscapes may be in need of even more attention.

Cleaning for a healthy outdoor space

Clearing your garden when seasonal changes occur could help you to deter pests, as well as allow you to minimise the potential for disease to spread. Raking up old leaves and other general debris can clear new and exciting hiding places for a range of unwanted insects and animals – not to mention sanitising ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and fungal spores that could go on to infect plants that are ready to grow when the weather begins to warm back up again. Keeping on top of compost piles can also prevent unwanted issues from occurring, such as mould and the germination of unwanted seeds.

Aside from the above, generally maintaining your outdoor space throughout colder months (in terms of cleaning up vegetable beds, weeding and pruning) can offer you a clean slate come spring, saving you both time and effort when the time comes to both plant and replant.

Scheduling garden cleaning

One of the main things to consider when cleaning an outdoor space of any kind is the size of the job, your experience in gardening and even how often you should be taking care of chores. In many instances, homeowners turn to professional garden clean up services to help them to manage the tasks involved – and these can both be varied to suit your needs, as well as be scheduled for maximum effect.

Professionals will understand the needs of your space and will be able to offer advice on what to clear and when, what to plant and even how to make the most of both the functionality and the aesthetics of your landscape.

Typically, you can expect weekly chores that may include:

After The Clean – Give The Exterior of Your House a Pain Job

Depending on the size of the project, your timeline, and whether it is an exterior or interior house painting project, the answer may vary greatly. Your first step should be to research the painting contractors that you have chosen. Read up on residential painting tips and suggestions to get a better idea of what decision will be best for you in terms of what the finished project will look like. You can also ask friends who have had experience with the same company or contractor to give you their opinion about the company’s work and customer service.

There are a number of different methods that are used for an exterior house painting process, including spraying the paint on the walls or simply using a roller or brush to apply it. Using either method, the paint will be applied to the walls in sections, which will be touched up once they dry. The painting process begins with the preparation of the walls, especially in cases where the entire project is being handled at one time. The walls need to be washed thoroughly to get any residual dirt or grease from the previous painting process removed.

Once the exterior walls are ready to go, the contractor will provide the homeowner with a color palette to match the color of the home’s siding and trim, as well as the exterior siding itself. This color palette will be based around the tone that was used for the previous exterior house painting, so it will be a good idea to take a look at it and get a feel for what colors might be a good choice for your home. After all, even houses that come out looking the same from the exterior can have vastly different colors within the same walls, which can completely alter the overall look and feel of a house from the exterior. Your color palette will help you decide on the right tone, which is essential for an exterior house painting project.

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