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Shark - Mobile Game


You are pilot of modern tactical helicopter. Code name: SHARK. You will arrange to execute several unique missions. Hi-tech upgradable weapons, and large tactical mission to complete. Take care they are dangerous! Good luck pilot!
Rummy - Mobile Game


A famous Card game played in the Middle East. The Game has 5 gameplays where 4 players that can play in partnership or alone to compete with other players over the GPRS Network. Players can create tables and wait for their friends globally to join and compete. The rest of the seats can be filled by computer AI players which play from the server. The player who creates the table can choose diffcuilty of AI players.
Shankar Dada - Mobile Game

Shankar Dada

A game based on the film Shankar Dada Zindabad. The player has to take the role of Shankar dada and get passed through 3 levels. The each level has the same situation from the film.
Sudoku - Mobile Game


Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. This version can solve a given puzzle using human logics (no maths or matrics algorithms used). Sudoku 1.0 can generate 10^21 (=6,670,903,752,021,072,936,96) unique puzzles in random difficulty. It will take 30460 billion years to complete all puzzle if you solve 600 puzzles per day (you will never run out of puzzle for the next 100 generations).It takes a few seconds to solve even the most hardest puzzle for Sudoku 1.0.
Danger Man - Mobile Game

Danger Man

An action game with unlimited levels of play. You can play untill you reach your skill challenge and embed your scores on the highscore list. Lots of enemies with different skills and weapons, you are on a flying disc with your weapon. Shot as many enemies as you can.
Steel Fortress - Mobile Game

Steel Fortress

A classical addictive game, you have to save your land with the last standing naval ship. You are attacked from both sides air and underwater forces and your ship is equiped with hi-tech weapons to blast out both the enemies. The speed and number of enemies get increasing by time.
Submarine - Mobile Game


You are driving one of the submarines in your Navy and now you have to defend the place from the enemy ships to let the other Submarines pass by. Friendly fire is not tolerated. The speed of the game increases by time and level. The enemies upgrade their weapon every few levels.
Duck Training - Mobile Game

Duck Training

You have to train the ducks in the campaign to fight their way from the hungry cat. Now train them to jump high to save their lives from the cats. The speed of game increases by time and level.
Little Kitty - Mobile Game

Little Kitty

You have to guide Kitty to catch drops of milk form the cow. By the way wasting each drop gives you a negative point and the speed increases every level. You can play unlimited levels
Table Soccer - Mobile Game

Table Soccer

A classical 2d soccer game, with interesting gameplay against good AI computer player.You can make a goal by passing the ball to next player and have to reach the goal posts only by passing the ball.
Cube Race - Mobile Game

Cube Race

A variant of the classical tetris game, with slight difference. You have to make the surface of a structure which moves grows in a constant speed. The game speed increases every level.
Agility Course - Incredible Dogs - Mobile Game

Agility Course - Incredible Dogs

A part of the Incredible Dogs package. You have to train your pet to run through the course and earn more points to reward your dog.
Flyball - Incredible Dogs - Mobile Game

Flyball - Incredible Dogs

A part of the Incredible Dogs package. You have to train your pet to run through the course, pick a ball and return as quick as possible to earn more points and reward your dog.
Flying Disk - Incredible Dogs - Mobile Game

Flying Disk - Incredible Dogs

A part of the Incredible Dogs package. You have to train your pet to catch the flying disks to earn more points and reward your dog.
Pinball - Mobile Game


A clone of the classical Pinball game with 5 different in-games where the player plays different games like cricket, tennis and surfing board.
Diving Dog - Incredible Dogs - Mobile Game

Diving Dog - Incredible Dogs

A part of the Incredible Dogs package. You have to train your pet to dive as far to earn more points. This game is similar to long jump.
Alpine Skier 3D - Mobile Game

Alpine Skier 3D

Alpine skier game is a complete 3D skiing game. The player has to ski through the flags and reach the goal without any foul plays.

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